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From first site visits to that moment I hug you before you hop in your getaway car as newlyweds,
we lead with a plan and purpose — valuing each lovely detail.



Every bride needs a little something different for her fête. And whether it’s a keen eye for design elements that brings your vision to rose-scented reality, a trusted friend to link arms with during the process of planning and keep every detail of yours straight, or just a classic, expert coordinator to handle all the wedding day details…

…every bride needs to know her day is in the right hands.


How does it work?

We tailor our service collections below to suit you.



First, we’ll start with Event Management (read up on it below) and couple that with one or more a la carte services that best suit you: pop, fizz, clink—you’re getting married, and now you officially have a planner!


My hubs and I met at summer camp (he taught sailing, and I drove the ski boat): you can bet I’ll be asking about how you two met at our first meeting. We’ll get to work mapping out a day inspired by your story, from your invitations to the ribbon wand send off.


Get ready to kiss your groom and dance with your closest friends: let’s get you married, and my team and I will handle everything down to clean-up, so you can drive off in that getaway car.




Step 1.

Event Management 

Some call it “day of” or “month of” coordination – we call it Event Management, and it’s our base level of working together.
We give you access to our exclusive list of preferred creative vendors, project management software, and resources to keep your organized from the start of our relationship.

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What You Get

  • We help you avoid common planning pitfalls and ensure you have a knowledgeable resource on your side. You have our support from the very beginning of our time together, beginning with an initial planning call where we set the rest of your wedding planning on the right path.
  • We save you time, energy and money by providing you with custom vendor suggestions for the vendors you have left to book based on your style, personality, and budget. Our industry experience will ensure that you find the best fit for your unique planning needs.
  • You won't have to worry about all of the organizational challenges of planning your wedding when you are a BME client. You will have access to a custom, cloud-based planning platform, Aisle Planner (click here to watch a video about it!), which is the best system out there for wedding planning project management.
  • We ensure that your vendors are all on the same page. Loading in and breaking down a wedding can be a logistical puzzle that is best left to an experienced professional. We provide you and your vendors with a custom Master Timeline, Floor Plans, and a Vendor Contact List, which we communicate and confirm with your vendor team.
  • You will be able to enjoy the weeks leading up to your wedding knowing that we take care of the details. Your Event Management service will include confirmation of all your details with necessary vendors, from your hair and makeup schedule to your song selection for your first dance.
  • On the night of the rehearsal and day of the wedding, we are there to troubleshoot, assist, and direct so that you can sit back, relax, and stay present with those who are most dear to you.

Event Management can be booked on its own. The investment for our first-class Event Management service is based on the size and scale of your event.
We typically book this service 6 months or less before your event. Please inquire for a custom quote.


Please note most clients, especially those looking to book us 9+ months away from their wedding date, couple our Event Management Service
with one (or both) of our design and planning service packages, as described below!


Step 2.

Planning and Design

Then, add-on your pick of one (or both!) of our additional services for your wedding: design or planning.
The goal is to choose exactly what you need, to want for nothing more or need nothing less. After all, we’re here to ensure you’re able to be present and truly enjoy wedding planning and your wedding day.

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Event Design

BME brides (and grooms!) rely on us to take their ideas, dreams and goals for their wedding and turn them into a one-of-a-kind, cohesive design that is sure to be remembered for years to come.

Our Design Services include:

  • More focus on the visual elements that impact your wedding than the Event Planning service.
  • A 1-on-1 "get to know you" experience where we learn everything from your tastes to your style, allowing us to create a custom, 15+ page Design Plan. 
  • Gracious and collaborative leadership and communication with your design-related vendors, so that each aesthetic element is cohesive and well-executed. 
  • Oversight of any and all design elements for your day, ensuring that all of your expectations are exceeded when you walk into your event for the first time. 
  • A mock-up of important table design elements, allowing you to see and feel what your event will be like before it happens.
  • Your production team will be at your venue from the moment the first truck arrives for load in until strike is complete to manage even the smallest details of your event design.
  • and more!
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Event Planning

A couple who chooses our planning services might have the design and aesthetic on lock, and just needs to ensure that every logistical detail of their wedding is in place so their big day is a seamless celebration.

Our planning services include:

  • More focus on logistics, budget management, communication, and vendor contracting process than the Event Design service.

  • A 1-on-1 "get to know you" experience to kick things off, developing the relationship and trust necessary to serve as your advocates and confidants throughout the planning process. 

  • Help choosing your venue and your vendors wisely, and in accordance with your budget, which we also help you develop.

  • A detailed schedule for you to complete your trials, tastings, presentations, etc., keeping you up to date with planning benchmarks and securing your access to the best possible vendors and inventory for your wedding.

  • Expert budget management and contract negotiation, so you maximize your wedding planning dollars and sleep easy knowing you are making wise decisions. 

  • and more!

Client investment for our wedding planning and design services typically falls between 10-20% of overall wedding budget spend, and we’ll work together to create a custom package.


Schedule your free consultation to see which collection combination would be best for you!


frequently asked questions

Here's what other BME brides have wondered...


+ Do you offer other services? I just need a day-of coordinator...

Having been in the event industry for many years now, I have to break it to you – there is no such thing as a day-of coordinator! That title simply shouldn’t exist, and here’s why: most “day-of” or “month-of” coordinators work long before the day or month of your wedding to communicate with your vendors, tie up loose ends, and prepare your timeline, among other things. It takes careful planning to seamlessly execute an event. For this reason, we call our “coordination” service Event Management.

+ How much event planning experience does your team have?

We are proud to have a combined 12+ years of event planning experience on the BME team. From small, intimate, backyard affairs, to large-scale corporate fêtes, we have brought our experience and expertise to a variety of events throughout our time in the industry.

+ Can I meet you before we sign on the dotted line? I want to make sure we will get along!

Of course! We offer one complimentary in person/video consultation before you book with us. We want to be trusted friends who you can lean on throughout your engagement for support and advice, and we believe this starts with the connection you feel during our consultation.

+ Help Brianne! I need absolutely everything taken off my plate - which one is for me?

Great question! You would most likely have the best experience with our Planning, Design, and Event Management collection. You will remain in control of the decisions about your event, but with our streamlined planning process you won’t have to worry about pouring hours of your precious time into creating design plans, managing your budget, researching vendors, scheduling meetings, and organizing the details of your day. This package is for the busy bride or groom who wants to enjoy the planning process and have an amazing event that their guests will remember for years to come!

+ Do you offer partial planning? I have already booked a few of my vendors, and I only need help booking the rest.

We don’t offer partial anything! Because it is important for us to give 100% with every service we offer, we have removed partial planning from our service offerings. Even if you have booked some vendors prior to our agreement, I will be working closely with ALL of your vendors during the planning process as soon as you are a part of the BME family.

In our years of experience, we know everyone who is planning a wedding deserves (and needs!) the guidance and support provided with our Event Management service. BME clients, especially those who book us 8+ months away from their wedding, typically combine the Event Management experience with our other service offerings, creating a custom collection based on their exact needs. For this reason, our most popular collections are: Planning + Event Management OR Planning + Design + Event Management

+ I want to be a BME bride, but I am just not sure which services I need at this time. Is it possible to add services at a later date?

Many of our clients know from the get-go that they need all three services. Others know that they will need some time to dig in and fully assess the areas of planning where they need assistance the most. If you know BME is the right fit for your wedding, we are happy to reserve your date with the services you know you’ll need, and add services at a later date should you find yourself in a pinch!

+ How much should I expect to spend on my wedding planner?

Most couples spend between 10% - 20% of their total budget on their wedding planner. It is best to take a look at your total budget and find that range so you will know how much you have to spend on a planner when you begin the consultation process. Keep in mind that, when you hire us for planning, we often pay for ourselves with the creative ways that we can save you money on your overall spend.

+ Do you have a minimum budget that you work with?

We have collections that fall in a variety of price points, and we work with a wide range of budgets! Your budget should depend on several factors: how much all of the contributing parties are able to spend, what your expectations for the wedding look like, and the size of your guest list. For these reasons, we don’t have a “minimum.” We will be very honest with you during our consultation and let you know a realistic budget range based on your expectations for the wedding and our knowledge of industry standards and norms. If you need more help creating your budget, our Budget Management service can be added a-la-carte to any of our collections and is included in our Planning service.

+ Wedding planning is expensive! How does payment work? Do you offer payment plans?

We are all too familiar with the cost of planning a wedding and want to make our relationship together as easygoing and stress-free as possible! We accept checks, cash, debit cards, credit cards, and ACH transfers. All of our collections require a 25% retainer to reserve your date. From there, you can choose from one of two payment plans: Option 1: three additional payments of 25%, spread evenly throughout our time together Option 2: equal monthly payments throughout our time together Our total payment is due in full one month from the date of your wedding so that we can compensate our staff for their labor on the day of the wedding.

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