Dear newly-engaged friends,


When I was seven years old, my mother married my stepfather, and my love of weddings blossomed. Before her "I dos," she gave me a necklace with seven tiny graduated pearls delicately hanging in the middle. For each special holiday, she would take that necklace to the jeweler and add pearls on either end. And as I got older, the necklace slowly transformed from a dainty necklace into an elegant, classic, and complete pearl strand. Your engagement season is kind of like that - it begins with a token of love and commitment, and as you make plans and prepare for your marriage, your relationship will grow into a beautiful partnership.  

If you are visiting my little corner of the world wide web, you are about to make a significant choice that will positively impact your engagement season and your wedding day. You are choosing lingering date nights over late night wedding budgeting. You are choosing breakfast together instead of updating your RSVP count before work. You are choosing to be present on your wedding day over worrying about the details. I hope that, by giving that time and energy back to you, your planner will enable you to bask in the joy of your engagement and prepare for your marriage. And if that planner is me, I am excited and honored to walk with you on this journey. 


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