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kudos from some of our sweet clients and vendor-friends

Having Brianne McMullan as my wedding planner was the best decision I made for my Wedding. Immediately, I gained an honest, reliable and experienced friend in the planning process. Brianne had a wealth of knowledge on wedding planning in Atlanta, had creative ideas and solutions for issues that arose, and stayed on top of every detail for us. Looking through pictures, I am amazed at and so grateful for how everything turned out. From our initial planning meeting to her waving me goodbye from the reception, Brianne was there for me every step of the way. Her hard work and dedication allowed my mom and I to focus on the decisions being made and to avoid getting caught up in all the nitty gritty details. When we were stumped, she was able to give great advice and guidance. I truly appreciate everything Brianne did to make my wedding planning experience easy and fun. She took my vision for the Wedding and built upon it in a way that made the Wedding everything I wanted and that much more. I also can’t express how thankful I was for her assistance on the Big Day. She allowed my parents and me to fully enjoy the day without having to worry about any of the last minute items, and even packed up extra cake for me to enjoy later! It will be a day my husband and I remember always!
— Sarah | Bride | Atlanta History Center | 5/21/16
Brianne was fabulous coordinating my daughters wedding. She is extremely detailed, organized, and has wonderful ideas to make your wedding special. She set up a timeline for us, guided us through the rehearsal, scheduled the entire wedding day and coordinated with our vendors, seamlessly handled our last minute changes due to weather, plus so much more. She was right there every step of the way to make sure everything ran smoothly. Best decision we made for the wedding!
— Trish | Mother of the Bride | Callanwolde | 9/23/16
As a photographer, I always love it when my brides hire planners, but I especially love it when they hire Brianne. I know that I can expect a smooth timeline and organized details in addition to a stunning and tasteful design each time I work with her. Brianne is also able to build genuine and professional relationships with couples, their families, and wedding vendors alike. She cares about her couples and loves celebrating them. I would highly recommend her!
— Holly | Holly Von Lanken Photography
Brianne was amazing! From the first time we met her, we knew she was going to be the best wedding planner for us and really allow us to enjoy our day. Brianne was organized, approachable, and very easy to talk with and connect with over e-mail and on the phone. Brianne went above and beyond and really helped me find the appropriate vendors and even suggested shops to look for a wedding dress based on my budget. She was full of so much knowledge and information that she was truly invaluable to us during this process. She really helped keep important dates and timelines at the forefront of our minds and took charge the day of and things were seamless. Everything went better than we even expected! From setting things up to helping pack items up at the end, Brianne was there! Not only was she an amazing wedding planner but, she was calm and collected and really helped us remain calm and focus on each other during our day. She had a very, very important role for us on the day of our wedding and she surpassed all expectations. She fulfilled all of the things she said she would and more! The best thing was that she was also very fun to be around and is a very kind and genuine person. We loved working with Brianne and highly recommend her to anyone else looking for someone to help make their wedding day dreams come true! Thank you Brianne!!!
— Amanda | Bride | King Plow | 11/12/16
Ethan and I booked Brianne for [Event Management] for our October 2016 wedding. This was one of the best decisions we made at the time, though we didn’t know it when booking her services! While we had most of the outline in place well in advance, beginning to engage with Brianne about 6 weeks before the big day really made us think through the details, as Brianne asked us several questions that we hadn’t considered or yet made a decision on, particularly around how we wanted the day to flow. Her experience and expertise enabled her to provide recommendations on decisions we hadn’t yet thought through. Brianne was also very helpful in two last-minute problem solving issues - one involving appropriate lighting for our ceremony and one involving removing of our chuppah from the wedding venue site. In both instances, she communicated with two of our previously booked vendors for us to identify solutions that didn’t add significantly to our wedding budget’s bottom line. While I’m sure in the end we as a couple could have problem-solved and communicated this ourselves, it was so much easier to have Brianne handle the issues for us, as we had a million other little details to think about. On the day of, Brianne was a calm, steady presence that moved us smoothly through the day, and our vision was expertly executed. I cannot recommend her highly enough - she is very detail oriented, can work with any personality, and will help you and your fiancé execute the wedding that you’ve been dreaming about.
— Rachel | Bride | Fernbank Museum | 10/22/16
When you first met your fiancé, if you’re like me, there were likely a few questions that you considered:
1. Are our personalities compatible?
2. Do we have a similar vision for our lives?
3. Can I trust this person?
An affirmative answer to these three questions ultimately sets you up for a successful relationship and marriage. They can also be used to help you find the perfect partner in wedding planning.

Are our personalities compatible?
When I met Brianne, we immediately hit it off. I think Brianne is one of those people who instantly becomes friends with everyone she meets.

Do we have a similar vision?
Brianne was so helpful throughout my planning process, recommending vendors and providing ideas, even though I was handling the pre-planning on my own. She really “got me” when I explained what I was looking for.

Can I trust her?
As a public relations professional, I am no stranger to event planning, vendor management and organization. I had heard and was convinced (rightly so!) that I needed a day of planner to help everything run smoothly on my wedding day. As you might have guessed, I can be a bit “type A.” Brianne was so on top of things and organized throughout the whole process. I was able to completely relinquish control and not worry about anything on my wedding day. Because I had Brianne there to handle everything, I was able to feel relaxed and totally present with my groom and guests throughout my entire wedding day.

After our wedding day, as my husband and I reflected on the day, we couldn’t get over how big of an impact Brianne had. My husband put it best when he said “Brianne was the one aspect of our wedding that was absolutely worth every penny we spent!
— Amanda | Bride | Peachtree Presbyterian Church + The Stave Room | 4/16/16
Spectrum Entertainment has been lucky enough to work with Brianne on many past events and weddings. One of the easiest Planners to work with and very organized! Our DJ’s, Bands, Ceremony musicians, Photo Booth, and Videographer teams all let us know how wonderful it was to have her as the planner! We hope to work with her more!
— Lou Guzzo | Spectrum Entertainment
My husband and I met with Brianne and immediately knew we had found our wedding planner. From the beginning, Brianne answered all of our questions and was only a call or a text away. She was always open to our suggestions and preferences but provided guidance based on her experience. Our big day was stress free and was exactly what we dreamed of due to having Brianne as our planner.
— Caroline | Bride | The Stave Room | 9/16/16
We can’t thank Brianne for helping us create the perfect wedding day. I’m sure a lot of planners could have gotten everything together, but her organization and attention to detail, and the way she worked with us and all the vendors really made it so seamless. So many people commented how they couldn’t believe how smoothly the whole day flowed, and we’re so grateful for that! Brianne and I had a great initial call, and she checked in with us every month until the final 30 days. And from there it was multiple times each week leading up to the big day. Brianne thought of little things that we may have overlooked. She meticulously went through each minute of the day, and each aspect of the venue set-up to ensure that nothing was overlooked. Our bouquets and boutonnieres were planned to be delivered with the rest of the floral to the venue. But Brianne went out of her way (a 25 minute drive) to bring them to the hotel where we were getting ready and where our bridal party photos were being taken. We wouldn’t have realized what we would have missed by not having them there, but it made the photos so spectacular. Brianne was a pleasure to work with, personal and professional at the same time. We would highly recommend working with Brianne to ensure your perfect wedding day - we did, and we do not regret it! Thank you for everything - we’re so appreciative!
— Shayna | Bride | King Plow | 9/6/15
My daughter was married last November. I am still hearing from guests and the one comment that is consistent is that it was “the best wedding I’ve ever been to!” Brianne McMullan was our wedding consultant and these comments are a tribute to her. It was a perfect day! The better the planning the less likely you are to have hick-ups during your special day. Brianne provided top notch vendors to choose from. She was ever mindful of budget. When we were in doubt she always had great suggestions or alternatives. She was always flexible in meeting times and places. At all times, Brianne was pleasant and professional. The day of the wedding, all we had to do was enjoy the day. She took care of EVERYTHING! We were so lucky to have Brianne as our consultant. If you are planning your special day, please do yourself a favor and contact Brianne. You will never regret your choice and you will forever know that you gave your daughter her perfect day.
— Pat | Mother of the Bride | Callanwolde | 11/13/16
Do not think twice about hiring Brianne. She came highly recommended by both our caterers and designers, and for good reason. She and her team were thoughtful of every detail from beginning to end. She’s amazing to work with- incredibly organized, professional, and patient, and is full of helpful ideas, connections, and lots of experience. I cannot say enough positive things about her. By the day of the wedding, we had full trust in her to run the show, which freed up our family and friends to just relax and enjoy the experience. It was a blast. Brianne is the best!!!
— Erin | Bride | Fernbank Museum | 7/15/17
I love working with Brianne. I have had the pleasure of working with her on several events from beginning to end. She is organized, detail oriented, and just a joy to work with. She always stays several steps ahead of her vendors, and coming from a caterer, WE LOVE THAT! I would recommend Brianne to any client. Brianne has a way of providing those “special touches” to each and every event she plans.
— Julia Hurwitz | Endive Catering
Brianne was amazing! She made sure the wedding went off without any problems and kept everyone in line (including my lovable but crazy aunt). We got [Event Management] services, however she was involved well before by creating a thorough timeline and vendor list with receipts and upcoming payments. My mother and I were getting very overwhelmed with the wedding planning and she had a great deal of experience and helped us get it together. She also attended the rehearsal where she told us how to walk down the aisle properly and where to stand. Things that my mother and I hadn’t even thought of. Then during the event she made sure all the vendors showed up on time and knew where to go. She was very knowledgeable of the venue and the staff since she has been a wedding planner for several years and has already worked several events at this venue and with all the vendors I chose. Made things very easy. I was extremely happy with the services she provided. Just a joy to work with.
— Shannon | Bride | Callanwolde | 9/23/16
Brianne is absolutely amazing! She was such a HUGE help for my big day and I will never be able to say thank you enough. When I first contacted her for her Event Management services, she called me within 10 minutes! Not to mention any time I had a question or needed some “wedding” advice she was right there to help. She goes above and beyond to make sure YOU are happy and helps calm a frantic bride. I ran into a slight problem with one of my vendors and she was right there to help get it taken care of. Don’t hesitate in having Brianne McMullan Events as your event planner. My wedding day was the best it could have been with the help of Brianne and her team!
— Stephanie | Bride | 10/20/17
Planning a wedding is like taking on a full-time job - in addition to the jobs most of us already have. Not only that, but trying to sort through the hundreds (sometimes thousands!) of possible vendors is not a task for the faint of heart. Cue Brianne: though I hired her to be my day-of coordinator, she handled so much before the big day that it absolutely could not have happened without her. After meeting and discussing my style, wants, and dreams, Brianne was able to choose about two vendors in each category for me to decide between. She caught my vision and knew exactly the vendors to recommend that suited my aesthetic and were within my budget. I ended up with a team of the most wonderful vendors all because of Brianne’s rockstar planning. Not to mention she handled the rentals and a million other details for us. It’s hard put a price tag on all the sanity we saved just from having her as our planner!
— Anna Kay | Bride | Dockside + Greystone | 5/7/16
Brianne McMullan Events was the answer to a wonderful wedding day for our daughter, Elizabeth, & her husband, Chase, on Oct. 8th, 2017. Both lovers of the great outdoors, Elizabeth & Chase chose to have a sentimental, memory-filled wedding on the lawn at her grandparents’ home. We began the wedding planning process early in January and soon realized it was quite a task & we should really have a planner to help us. We came across Brianne McMullan Events online & contacted Brianne, who replied very quickly. Immediately, we knew she was the right girl for the job. Her sweet disposition, industry expertise, & keen ear to Elizabeth’s ideas brought their wedding vision to a reality. Brianne worked well with the vendors that we had already contacted when we began our planning— none of whom she had previously worked with. She helped us get quotes for comparables & arranged vendor meetings around Elizabeth’s nightshift nurse schedule & Chase’s firefighter schedule so that they would be rested and ready for decision-making. Brianne knew well the challenges we faced when choosing a home instead of a venue and made sure we had everything covered so that everyone would be safe & comfortable. Our plan was a romantic, woodland garden wedding under the trees. But Hurricane Nate had a mind of his own & was scheduled to bring on huge amounts of rain & wind. We kept an eye on the weather forecast while considering plans A, B, & C. We ended up with plan B & everything was beautiful! Brianne’s team was amazing! They waited as long as possible on wedding day to make the final call on plan B—still outside but under the tent. They worked very quickly to set up and make everything beautiful (which was not an easy task with the heavy tree stumps we had planned in the décor), & Amazing it was! We still were able to have the outdoor wedding. Elizabeth & Chase were happy. Kudos to BME for a job above & beyond!! The rain wreaked havoc on us not because it was “a little rain;” it was “cats & dogs,” puddles & downpours. BME remained calm & steady throughout and executed the whole thing beautifully. It was a beautiful, fun, very romantic, memory-filled day! I have told my family members “when it comes time for you to plan a wedding, the first thing you need to do is call Brianne. It will be the best decision you make.” We are blessed to have had her as our planner & now as a sweet friend. Thank you so much, Brianne!
— Sundi | Mother of the Bride | At-Home Wedding | 10/8/17
Brianne and her team were excellent! They helped us navigate all the details during the month of the wedding. We had a destination wedding, so there seemed to be a lot of moving parts, especially the day of the wedding. Brianne was calm, organized and reassuring during the entire process. I am so thankful to Brianne and her team for helping make it so special.
— Larke Wheeler | Mother of the Bride | Lake Toxaway Country Club | 9/22/18
I love recommending potential couples to Brianne because I know the event will go off without a hitch! Brianne is very well organized and is great at communicating with all vendors in a timely and accurate manner. She knows how important every detail is from her vast experience. Brianne is very easy to work with and makes everyone’s job easier and less stressful! I have only have positive feedback after recommending many couples to Brianne. If you are considering booking Brianne do yourself a favor and do it quickly, you won’t be disappointed!
— Ashley Ulloque | Bold American Catering