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Ask the Experts | Wedding Photographers Tell Us Random Things They Wish Their Couples Knew

Some of the most talented photographers I know are sharing their expertise on the blog today! I wouldn’t know where to begin when capturing & editing a wedding photo, much less 1,000 of them, so I was excited for them to boil down their top piece of advice for you. And let me tell you – it was hard for them to pick just one thing to tell you! Whether you have already booked your photographer or are still on the hunt, these folks have shared a ton of practical advice!

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What Is A Master Timeline And Why Do I Need My Planner To Make One?

I recently had a bride ask me, “My photographer has a timeline. My DJ has a schedule of events. My caterer has their timeline for food service. So… why do I need you to create a timeline, too?” Each vendor is the expert of their own individual timeline and amount of time they need during each part of your day to do their best work, but that doesn’t mean that they are necessarily communicating with the rest of your vendor team to make sure that the schedule doesn’t conflict. There needs to be a Master Timeline for seamless execution.

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