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3 Unexpected Things I Do To Prepare For Wedding Day

Print and read over our timelines and planning documents, organize place cards, get a good night’s sleep… our lists for wedding day prep are long and detailed, but often predictable! We ensure everything is checked twice and ready to go. We do, however have some to-do’s that are a little less conventional, and are in place based on our years of experience.

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16 Things You Need To Do On The Week Of Your Wedding In Order To Relax On Your Wedding Day

I remember arriving at the week of my wedding and thinking, “What do I do now?" I knew I had a ton of little tasks to wrap up, but my brain was busy (and mushy) and my emotions were high. Even the most organized people can feel lost during their wedding week! I had those bridal nightmares about forgetting to pay a vendor who then didn't show up, or that I showed up on the day of the wedding without my gown or another basic necessity. Basically, I needed a step by step checklist to make sure I was prepared and could relax during the day of my wedding. One that took the guesswork out of that final week and could allow me to organize those last minute to-dos. 

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