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How Do I Choose a Photography Package That Is Right For My Wedding?

So you have found the PERFECT photographer or videographer for your wedding. Now it is time to select which package you want to book with them, and you are at a loss! You haven’t planned a wedding before, and you aren't sure which one is the right fit for you! How do you choose a package that is just right for your wedding?

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3 Manageable Ways To Improve Your Client Experience Today - Aisle Planner Feature

I was fortunate to guest blog for Aisle Planner last week about improving your client experience! If you aren't already familiar with Aisle Planner, it is the planning software I use to manage my client projects and to give my clients a streamlined and supportive wedding planning platform.

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Uh-Oh – I Overspent On A Vendor. Now What?

Ah, the dreaded budget. It is such a hot topic during wedding planning, and can cause stress to creep into the planning process. Did you know the average couple overshoots their budget by around 15% - 20%? If the damage is already done, I have some budget tricks to share with you today.

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