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The Truth About Wedding Insurance, And Why It Is A Wise Investment In Your Big Day

An important wedding planning task that we always advise our clients to do is purchase wedding insurance. I thought it would be helpful for my current clients, future clients, and anyone else reading this little blog to talk about wedding insurance. I know it isn't a sexy topic, but it is something every bride and groom should be informed about!

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3 Manageable Ways To Improve Your Client Experience Today - Aisle Planner Feature

I was fortunate to guest blog for Aisle Planner last week about improving your client experience! If you aren't already familiar with Aisle Planner, it is the planning software I use to manage my client projects and to give my clients a streamlined and supportive wedding planning platform.

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Uh-Oh – I Overspent On A Vendor. Now What?

Ah, the dreaded budget. It is such a hot topic during wedding planning, and can cause stress to creep into the planning process. Did you know the average couple overshoots their budget by around 15% - 20%? If the damage is already done, I have some budget tricks to share with you today.

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