Not Another Pinterest Wedding - 7 Ways To Design A Wedding That Is Totally And Completely You!

Let's be honest - I love Pinterest and I am sure you do, too! But I prefer to use my client's stories, styles, and personalities to design their weddings. My clients want weddings that will be the Pinterest inspiration, not copy it. I am so passionate about getting to know my couples and building relationships with them. By digging deep into who they are and what inspires them, I am able to capture their personalities and create wedding designs that are truly personal and sentimental. Today I want to share 6 ways you can incorporate personality into your event! But first, if you are a new bride or groom who is just starting to plan your wedding, click the button below to get a FREE copy of The Getting Started Guide, a resource I have created to help you start wedding planning on the right foot. 

Incorporate heirlooms into your wedding day details.

I love it when brides tie sentimental handkerchiefs on their bouquet stems or wear jewelry that has been passed down through generations of family members. I have had brides use their mother's wedding gowns, both to wear and to use in different elements of the day. Your family heirlooms are so sentimental and tell a stories that are unique to you and cannot be replicated. It's so exciting to peek into a family's history on the wedding day and watch as two families join together and create a new piece of family history.

Think about your story, and ways to incorporate bits and pieces into your event.

onsider date nights, vacations, and notable events from your time dating, and incorporate them into your plans. You could have your caterer recreate a favorite menu item from a favorite restaurant. Instead of table numbers, you can choose different places you have gone together to identify each table. Forego a traditional guest book and have guests sign a map of the state where you live or a painting of your first home together. Offer guests a signature cocktail that is a nod to a location you visited. If it is a significant part of your lives together, there are surely ways you can incorporate it into your wedding! You just have to think creatively.

Consider some elements of surprise.

Maybe the two of you love to attend local food truck gatherings, so you could have your favorite food truck come for a late night, surprise snack. You could hire a caricature artist to come and sketch photos of your guests to take home. A surprise for your guests is sure to make your wedding unforgettable!

Send your guests home with a token from your wedding that tells your story.

I once had a groom who was very handy use branches from an old tree at the bride’s family farm to create little wooden votive holders for the guests to take home. One bride’s father kept honeybees, and so the couple sent the guests home with jars of homemade honey. A couple who met on New Year's Eve sent guests home with mini-champagne. Your favors are a great way to tell your story and personalize your event. 

Be creative with your escort card display.

Awesome escort card displays are my favorite. It is one of the first design elements that your guests see at your reception, and it is interactive! If you and your fiancé like craft beer, maybe your escort cards are calligraphed bottle openers. If you grew up climbing your grandmother’s Magnolia tree, perhaps you have a calligrapher write the escort cards on magnolia leaves. You could have the cards hanging from individual bud vases with a few wedding blooms for guests to take home and enjoy throughout the week. There are so many wonderful ideas out there, and you can be super creative and come up with original ideas for designing your escort card display. 

Use music to tell parts of your story.

Music is so deeply tied to our memories, so having your band play songs that have been a soundtrack to some part of your lives together can be a wonderful way to personalize your reception. I met my husband at summer camp, so the last song at our wedding was a James Taylor number that was played last at each camp dance. I have had couples choose particular hymns to sing at their ceremonies that are meaningful. Music sets the tone for your event!

Use your home and fashion design style in your wedding inspiration.

Do you love mixing modern and vintage elements in your home decor? Do you like mid-century modern furniture? Do you like pattern play when creating your outfits? Do you crave color or lean towards neutrals? Think about what inspires you in your everyday life, and use those elements to design a wedding that you will love.

My favorite weddings are ones that have been intentionally planned with details that speak to the couple and their personalities and stories. When you can look around and see all of the thought that went into each moment of the day, the wedding becomes so unique and unforgettable! I love working with couples and devising creative ways to make their wedding unique and personal. If you are in search of a planner with a commitment to telling your unique story through designs and details, click the link below to reach out and schedule a complimentary consultation!

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