What Is A Master Timeline And Why Do I Need My Planner To Make One?

I recently had a bride ask me, “My photographer has a timeline. My DJ has a schedule of events. My caterer has their timeline for food service. So… why do I need you to create a timeline, too?” Each vendor is the expert of their own individual timeline and amount of time they need during each part of your day to do their best work, but that doesn’t mean that they are necessarily communicating with the rest of your vendor team to make sure that the schedule doesn’t conflict. There needs to be a Master Timeline for seamless execution.

While answering her question, I realized that many couples might not know or understand the importance of a Master Timeline. I thought that there might be some engaged couples out there that would want to hear my answer, so I have listed all of the reasons why it is important to hire a planner or coordinator (even when all of your other vendors provide their own schedule).

  • I cross check everyone’s schedules to make sure nothing conflicts, and if it does, I will resolve the timeline issue while also preserving the amount of time it takes for each vendor to do their job well. Basically, I work out kinks and act as the liaison between each vendor on your team. Trust me on this one--it is not fun to discover a timeline conflict on the actual wedding day! Better that your planner or coordinator works this out in the months leading up to your wedding.

  • I put the pieces of your schedule together, starting from the moment your hair and makeup artist walks through the door in the morning to the moment the last vendor leaves your reception. There is no one more familiar with every facet of your day, and that allows me to recommend a schedule to you that isn’t too rushed or too spread out.

  • I cushion your transportation schedule throughout the day to ensure you arrive to each moment on time. I ensure that each transfer has enough time to happen so that you aren’t pushed for time later on. Is your DJ or caterer going to make sure you arrive to the church on time? I promise you they won't!

  • I build in intentional moments throughout your day. Many married couples will tell you that your wedding goes by so quickly that it feels like a blur. My hope is that, by building in time for the two of you to soak it all in with your family, friends, and each other, you will remember all of the important moments and be able to look back on them with clarity! These carefully placed moments might not find their way into the list of family photos or into the band’s playlist, but all of your vendors will appreciate that they are in the master timeline.

  • My timeline is centered around the couple, so the traditions that they want to include and the special moments that they want to incorporate into their schedule will be clearly laid out in the plan. Everything that is important will be easily accessible on the timeline, and I will be sure each of your vendors has a copy. Do you want to have an uninterrupted breakfast with your mother and grandmother? Do you want to spend 5 minutes alone immediately after the ceremony? I've got you covered. 

  • I will be executing the timeline on the day of the wedding. I have planned and executed enough weddings over the years to know how much time to allocate for the bride to actually get into her gown, the average toast, and the 150 guests to make it through the buffet. While each person has their schedule of events, they are often looking to me to know if things are happening on time or if we are adjusting the schedule based on any unforeseen day of circumstances. Because I think through every moment of your day and how each moving part connects, I am able to walk into your event with confidence that I can execute your event smoothly and successfully, even when we have to shift things around. And I will be sure your whole team knows the plan! 

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