4 Things To Do Right After You Get Engaged

You just said yes... now the fun begins! Are you excited about wedding planning, but unsure where to begin? If you want to get started on the right foot, here is a list of 4 ways to get the ball rolling so that you have a great foundation for the wedding planning process (and no--it doesn't start with your dream wedding Pinterest board). When my brides come to me having completed these simple steps, I find that we are able to start planning intentionally and that the process is much smoother. 

1. Celebrate!

So many couples jump right in and start planning, but it is important to celebrate with each other and your loved ones! Why? Because when you get started with wedding planning, life will be busy (wonderful, but busy!). You will have to be intentional about finding time to celebrate, date each other, and spend time with your family and friends throughout your engagement, so start out with that intention and keep it up throughout the planning process! 

2. Write out a guest list.

After you have celebrated with each other and your loved ones, it is time to get started with the planning. Your guest list is so important because it has a great impact on your budget and which venues you can consider. Sit down over a glass of wine or over a cup of coffee and write out your list. If your parents are making lists as well, let them know when you will need it. That way, when you start to discuss the budget or the wedding venue, you will be able to have a clearer picture of how much money and space you will need to host your event. 

3. Choose a date.

Sit down with the calendar and with all of your key players and come up with a date (or 2... or 3) that would work for everyone. Your top choice may not be available, so have some backups in mind. Venues book up fast, which is why you need to complete this task at the beginning of the process, and rather quickly if you have a shorter engagement. 

4. Create your wedding budget.

Depending on your unique budget situation, this can be a stressor for many couples.  If your parents or any other family members are contributing, approach the conversation(s) with gratitude for whatever amount they offer, and let them know you will respect the bottom line. If you two are funding the wedding on your own, look carefully at what you can spend, and set your budget wisely! It is also smart to assess whether your budget is a) set in stone, b) somewhat flexible if you decide to splurge on one or two vendors, or c) unlimited - you want what you want and you will spend whatever it takes to get it

If you have completed these 4 tasks, you are ready to get started with the details! Having a purposeful engagement begins with hiring a professional wedding planner who is a good fit for you and your future spouse. Click the button below to schedule a consult with Brianne McMullan Events and learn more about how hiring a professional planner can help you plan intentionally, save time and money, and have the most unique and noteworthy wedding possible. 

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