Are You Spinning Your Color Wheels Trying To Choose A Color Palette For Your Wedding? Here Are 5 Tips To Narrow Down Cohesive Wedding Colors.

Are you a color-lover like me? Do you love Pinterest and find yourself falling in love with many different wedding color palettes and styles? Here are 5 tips to help you narrow your focus and pick a wedding color palette that is gorgeous and perfectly you.

Tip 1: Are there any colors that are meaningful to you?

I often hear brides and grooms who have attached emotional significance to a color or color palette. If you met at college, you might want to incorporate your school’s colors into your palette. If you grew up climbing the large magnolia tree in your grandmother’s front yard, you might choose a simple white, deep green, and yellow color scheme. Are you inspired by a painting you saw at a museum you visited together? Perhaps the colors in that painting will influence your color palette. Use your personalities and experiences to draw meaning from the colors you choose.


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Photos | Critsey Rowe Photography

Tip 2: Consider seasonal flowers.

Do some research or ask your wedding planner what flowers will be at their peak during your wedding season. Letting your color palette be a natural extension of what is available and beautiful during your wedding month will ensure that your flowers are gorgeous and that you are able to keep your colors cohesive with what is available. If one of the colors you choose is peony pink and your florist is unable to get that perfect shade during your wedding month, the pink in your flowers might not be the same as the pink you used in your stationery.

Tip 3: Choose a monochromatic or complimentary color scheme.

Something that is trendy right now is to use a monochromatic color scheme. For example, if you love purple, you can incorporate many shades of purple into your palette. If you stay true to a monochrome color palette, it will look fresh and modern. A different approach would be choosing a palette that is complimentary. Remember that color wheel you used in elementary school? Use those same properties to help you choose colors that will please the eye. Both of these approaches can serve as a guide to help you choose a variety of colors that will pair well together. As a wedding professional, I am always keeping up with current color & design trends and enjoy working with my brides and grooms to ensure their wedding colors are stylish and sophisticated. Contact me to set up a consultation and we can discuss how to use your personality and love story to create a custom, well-designed color palette!

Tip 4: Go for a neutral color palette or tie neutrals into your scheme. 

I love color, but there are many aspects of the wedding that need to be neutral to tie together the other elements. A neutral color is often best suited for fonts in your stationery, linens, the ribbons on your bouquet, etc. Your neutral might also be a metallic neutral, which can help tie in the different vessels your floral designers use to hold their beautiful creations. Neutral colors can help tie it all together and soften the look.

Photos |  Chris Isham

Photos | Chris Isham

Tip 5: Find paint swatches to match your perfect shades and bring them to your design appointments.

You can assume that your designers know what you mean when you say "navy blue," or you can be sure by bringing paint swatches with your exact colors to your design appointment. I cannot tell you how many variations of blush I have seen, so take the guess-work out and don't leave it up to interpretation. Show your design team exactly what you mean! 

Designing weddings often starts with choosing colors, patterns, and textures that compliment your style and your venue. With years of experience with designing cohesive and beautiful weddings, Brianne McMullan Events can help you narrow down your color palette and so much more. Click the button below to set up a complimentary consultation with Brianne and take the stress and confusion of designing a modern and fresh fête off of your shoulders!

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