How Aisle Planner Keeps Our Clients On Track And Organized!

It's no secret that we are in LOVE with Aisle Planner, which is an online planning platform that we provide our clients with right from the start. Aisle Planner has so many amazing capabilities, and we have customized it so that our clients have access to the best of the best when planning their big days. 

We have customized our boards to fit our unique planning processes and for each package we offer so that our clients stay on top of their to-do's and we can stay on top of ours. 

Today, I'm giving you a behind the scenes peek into an actual Aisle Planner board I have created (it is fake in order to protect the sensitive information of our current clients). Take a tour with me to see what all of the hype is about and let me know what you think!

How will you stay organized while planning your wedding? When you are a BME client, that is one thing you don't have to think about! 

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