New Year, New Ring? Here Are 5 Easy Ways To Care For Your Brand New Bling!

If you just got engaged over the holidays, congratulations! I am so excited for you and glad you stopped by to learn more about Brianne McMullan Events. Chances are you haven't stopped staring at your left hand in days! Can you believe you are getting married?!

If you are like me, this is probably one of the most beautiful and expensive pieces of jewelry that you own. I was terrified that something would happen to it! As a wedding planner, I get asked about this topic by my newly engaged couples. How can you keep your new bling looking shiny and keep it protected? Here are 5 tips on doing just that.

Tip 1: Purchase Ring Insurance.

This is a crucial step to protect your precious investment. If you have a current appraisal, you can either add to your current policy or look to a different company to cover your rings (I recommend insuring all of them--you engagement ring and your wedding bands). Most home insurance policies do not cover your ring if it were to get stolen or damaged at home unless you add extra coverage to your policy (called a "rider"). There are some insurance companies that specialize in this! Be sure to get your ring appraised every 5 years, as the costs of the stones and precious metals in your ring can fluctuate, and turn updated appraisals into your insurance company. 

Tip 2: When you get home - and especially if you are doing housework - take your rings off and put them in a safe place. 

My hometown jeweler always tells me to do this. When you are home, you often work around the house. Tasks like cooking, dishes, laundry, or cleaning can wear and tear on your precious ring! These activities cause materials to snag on the prongs of your ring, chemicals to get under or inside of the ring, and the metal to get worn. Do yourself a favor and take them off when you get home, or at least when you are doing housework! On the flip side, don't take your rings off in public - while it might seem okay to take them off to wash your hands or put on lotion, you could risk dropping or losing them! If you think you are going to be doing something that would require you to take them off when you aren't home, then leave them there. 

Tip 3: Keep your rings clean!

I am so guilty of not cleaning my rings very often, but this really is a great way to keep them shiny and fresh and to get rid of all of the dirt and grime that can get under and inside them. Think about all the things you touch and do with your hands on a daily basis... Gross! To get a really solid cleaning, head to your jeweler. They can steam clean it and get in all of the nooks and crannies. Ask your jeweler about specific home cleaning options that would be right for your metal and specific stones. 

Tip 4: Take your rings to get checked by your jeweler every 6 months or so.

Your rings are made of materials that can get worn down, damaged, or cracked. Your jeweler can look closely at the structure of the ring and provide maintenance as needed. I can't tell you how many stories I have heard from friends who lost their diamond or discovered that it had fallen out. When you take it to get cleaned by your jeweler, ask them to make sure everything looks in tact so that you can have peace of mind. And if they discover an issue, don't wait to have it fixed!

Tip 5: Take your ring off when you are showering, bathing, or swimming - especially the beach!

My mom recently told me a story about my aunt, who has a gorgeous, sapphire engagement ring. She was at the beach after her wedding and somehow lost the ring in the sand and surf. They looked and looked, but they weren't able to find it. She was devastated. The very next day, they went back on the beach. Somehow, they found the ring buried in the sand near where they were the day before. I tell you this because they are the exception! It was highly unlikely that they would have found that ring again - they basically experienced a miracle. Water, especially cold water, can make your fingers a little smaller, causing your ring to loosen up even if it is properly sized. Soap and water are also slick! What if your ring falls down the drain? Pool water and sunscreen have chemicals that can damage rings and cause metals to dull and discolor. Do yourself a favor--take your rings off when you swim and bathe! If you must wear something, purchase a ring that is made for physical activity to substitute the real thing!

Your engagement ring is beautiful, shiny, and blingy, but it is most importantly a symbol of your love and commitment to your future husband or wife. For those reasons, it is invaluable and - in some ways - irreplaceable! Take care of your ring. It is not only worth a lot of money, but it is also one of the most important physical tokens of love you have received.

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