3 Unexpected Things I Do To Prepare For Wedding Day

Print and read over our timelines and planning documents, organize place cards, get a good night’s sleep… our lists for wedding day prep are long and detailed, but often predictable! We ensure everything is checked twice and ready to go. We do, however have some to-do’s that are a little less conventional, and are in place based on our years of experience. Here is a list of 3 things I do on a wedding day to prepare that might be unexpected!

Follow all of the vendors on social media

If I don’t already follow the vendors that are working on the event with me, I take some time on the week of the wedding to follow them, look over their accounts, and familiarize myself with who they are and what they do. Not only does this save me time when I am creating behind-the-scenes instagram stories on wedding day, but this also helps me to learn some personal tidbits about the crew for the wedding day so I can create thoughtful connections while we work together! One question I see all of the time in planner-specific Facebook groups is “How do I get more of the right clients?” There are lots of ways to find the right clients, but one thing is for sure--invest in relationships with vendor friends and you will start to see some amazing clients that are perfect for you coming through the door! And if you struggle to find time on wedding day to post behind the scenes shots like me, this will help make that process more manageable. Oh and, this goes without saying, but please make sure to tag ALL of the vendors involved in your stories on wedding day! There is little more frustrating than not being credited for your hard work.

Pack a change of shoes

Amongst the car-full of stuff we pack up for wedding day (emergency kit, snack bag, bottled water, linens, and even my breast pump and a cooler these days!), is an extra change of shoes. Why? Well, one of the not so glam things about wedding planning is the physical toll it can take on your body on wedding day. By the end of the ceremony, we have usually walked 10 miles or more, and a good majority of that is spent hoofing a bunch of decor around the venue. When our dogs start barking, a change of shoes can help provide some relief and get us through the second half of the day, including the late night clean up!

Re-read all emails/questionnaires from the first months of planning

As hard as we try to make our clients feel as if they are the only couple in our care, the reality is that we work with a lot of couples and plan a lot of weddings. This doesn’t, however, minimize how important and special each love story is. I always go back and read my client questionnaires and some of those initial emails from planning during the week of the wedding so I can re-familiarize myself with their stories and remind myself of some important details about their relationship. This helps me serve those clients better, engage in more meaningful conversations with them on wedding day, and treat them uniquely.  While we get the distinct honor of working with amazing clients at their weddings every weekend, it is never lost on us that this day is once-in-a-lifetime for our couples. We love to invest ourselves in their stories so that we can be all wrapped up in the magic of the day right alongside them!

So there you have it! That is a little glimpse into my prep for wedding week. Those tasks encompass just a small slice of the proverbial wedding cake when it comes to wedding-day prep, but they are important in making sure that we are 1000% ready for our couples’ events!

If you are a vendor, how do you prepare for wedding day? Let me know some tips and tricks so I can continue to serve my clients well!

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