The BME Office Tour

My husband and I purchased our first home back in May, and I was thrilled when I was finally able to have an office space to call my own (so long, couch office!). Going from a one bedroom apartment to a house with extra space has been quite a thrill, and I had a blast organizing this room and making it my own. For me, my productivity directly aligns with the space around me - if it is pleasant and soothing, I am able to focus and do my best work. My hope is that I will be better able to separate work and home if I have this dedicated office, and that I will be able to host clients and vendors for meetings in my home when needed. 

I had a branding photo shoot with my talented friend Holly from Holly Von Lanken Photography, and she was able to capture some wonderful shots of the new space. These photos are just a small bit of what she captured that day. In the spirit of keeping it real, it did not look like this until a couple of days before Holly came over. This shoot was the push I needed to get it together. I can't wait for all of the planning that will take place in this room! Take a look! 

Julia Child once said, "A party without cake [and champagne] is just a meeting." My hope is that each meeting in this space is a celebration. I may have added the part about the champagne, but I think it is implied that is what she meant. 

For the longest time, I have been wanting to find a creative way to display some tokens from our engagement and wedding. These West Elm glass shadow boxes were the perfect solution. 

I had this verse that was read at our wedding penned by Chelsea Petaja of Oh My Deer.

The office tour wouldn't be complete without Eloise making an appearance. There are days I can't get work done because she is rolling around on my computer, so I recently got her the cat bed to sit by my desk. We will see if it works. I am a crazy cat lady, and looking back through these pictures makes me laugh when I see how many cat items I have in the office. 

If you run a business from home like me, I would love to hear all about what you do to stay productive! Do you have a dedicated work space or a do you work from your couch office? I am not going to lie - some days I still work from the couch, but this little office space makes "going to work" a lot more fun in the morning and helps me keep a better routine.

Desk, Acrylic Photo Frame: Crate and Barrel | Table: Nadeau | Throw, Blue Vase, Votives, Geometric Sculpture, Glass Shadow Boxes, Crown Paperweight, Cat Dish: West Elm | Gold Picture Frame, Floral Picture Frame, Candle, Phone Case, Shirt, Necklace, Dress, Earrings,: Anthropologie | Push Pin Board, Lamp, Side Table: Homegoods | Mug: Papersource | "Design the Life you Love" Print: Kara Anne Paper | "You know all those things..." Print: Cultivate Shop | "Find Joy" Print: Sage Paper Co. | Filing Cabinet: Container Store